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It's not just about the best products ... or the best price ... or about the biggest name ...

By representing hundreds of lighting brands and product lines, GREENLIGHT has developed a vetting process to determine the best solutions for different business needs.  Our unique service costs you absolutely nothing because we are compensated like the sales arm of any vendor.  But operating as a broker among all leading manufacturers partners you with a resource that understands all the options available, and can determine the best fit of vendor and product to meet your specific objectives.  Also, because GREENLIGHT has its own national installation teams, you can be assured of consistent, professional installations every time - anywhere.


GREENLIGHT has developed a comprehensive approach to ensure a successful lighting upgrade project that satisfies the goals of your business.  


Determine Goals - Through a concise discussion and information gathering, GREENLIGHT will quickly help determine your businesses primary and secondary goals for getting new lighting, as well as any potential technical considerations.  Increased monthly cash flow from reduced utility cost, the elimination of lighting maintenance, better illumination, increased long term business or property value, and other factors will be discussed and assessed.


Conduct Lighting Audit - A thorough Lighting Audit is critical to determining future product selection, accurate savings projections, and financial analysis.  GREENLIGHT will count every light and record its energy consumption and hours of operation.  However, also documented are lighting levels at the workplace, all physical dimensions to facilitate photometric studies, and opportunities to reduce lighting fixtures.  The results of the Audit are then compared to the current five lighting solutions selected as the best available at the time based on cost, product features, and warranty.


Develop Financial Analysis - The energy savings of LED are well documented.  They easily approach 80% over traditional lighting, reduce air conditioning costs, and rebates are generally still available.  However, there are also two current tax incentives yielding huge savings.  The first allows 100% of the project cost to be deducted in the current year.  The second provides a $0.60 per square foot deduction for all the spaces getting new LED lights.  Ultimately, the new net income significantly increases business and building valuation.  Lastly, lease to own programs can use a portion of the hard savings to pay down the lease with no up-front costs.  In sum, the financial benefits of LED are an incredible investment for your business, and GREENLIGHT ensures you realize them all.


Contracts and Installation Accountability - Should you proceed with the lighting project, your contract is with the vendor and not GREENLIGHT.  All product warranties are serviced directly through the manufacturer.  The installation process can offer challenges to a successful project, particularly in larger sites.  GREENLIGHT Accountability Engineers review the specifics of your site with our installation crews to ensure the correct lights are installed in their appropriate locations.  In addition, GREENLIGHT ensures that an adequate number of installation crews comes on site, eliminating operational interruptions and challenges from being on your site longer than necessary.  

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