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With so many choices, how can you be sure you have the best product to satisfy your objectives?

GREENLIGHT monitors the shifting landscape of LED lighting manufacturers and vendors.  We only represent manufacturers that have warranty periods from a minimum of 5 years up to 15 years.  We also only recommend companies with a minimum of ten years in the LED business.  Where is the value in a long warranty when the company may not be around to service it?  But the warranty is only one longevity variable.  Equally important is UL certified life.  A product certified for 100,000 minimum hours can easily have twice the long term savings value and may well be worth a higher upfront cost.  GREENLIGHT is your resource in the process, doing the legwork of this research so you can be assured of the best possible solution, at the best possible price,  to exceed your objectives.



GREENLIGHT uses many filters to select the best manufacturers based on the following factors, and then becomes their authorized sales agent.  You get an independent solution that best meets your goals for the lowest cost possible:  

  • Corporate History - The length of time that the company has been operational and, most importantly, the length of time making LED lighting.

  • Reputation - GREENLIGHT contacts past customers and determines the level of satisfaction with all factors, including pre-sales, financing, product delivery, product performance, installation satisfaction, warranty service, and others.

  • Level of Technology - There is a great difference in technologies, such as LED Mesh, Grouped Diodes and more.  GREENLIGHT not only evaluates technical factors such as lumens per watt, diode grading, and other specific technology factors but the flexibility of product use as well.

  • Warranty and Certified Life - Length of both product warranty and UL certified useful life, as well as critical pro-rating and limiting factors often found in the "small print", are explored and fully identified to eliminate bad warranty experiences in future years.

  • Price - Low price is always critical, and you will get the best price from GREENLIGHT.  However, important too is price stability, how long a price will be honored, and if there is a chance prices will increase due to government actions such as tariffs.

  • Financing - GREENLIGHT facilitated financing is very attractive to many businesses because the hard savings from energy generally can cover the cost of a project and result in no net cost and no up-front cost.  GREENLIGHT verifies availability, rates, length of term options, and any other influencing factors.


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