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GREENLIGHT helps your business determine its best lighting solution based on your driving needs:

  • new monthly net income

  • greater business valuation

  • improved task lighting for detail work

  • greater illumination in working environments

  • better, more professional corporate image

  • improved security

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GREENLIGHT has a sales relationship with nearly all major LED brands and product lines, currently numbering over 250.  It continually monitors and evaluates them based on an exhaustive list of criteria.  From its findings, our lighting specialists will select the best product choice for any lighting need.  Our professional team is dedicated to navigating the myriad of LED suppliers to assure you receive not just the best price possible, but the optimum products to meet your corporate objectives.  From this base of knowledge and relationships, it utilizes a proven methodology to fit the best products and technologies to your unique requirements.

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The first step of every LED lighting exchange is a  detailed site survey and Lighting Audit performed by GREENLIGHT at no cost or obligation.  This is an opportunity to learn your specific lighting goals and objectives.  It also provides an exact quantification of the energy used by your current lights and areas for improvement.


It is likely your facility was designed for older florescent or metal halide level technology.  Current technologies provide many opportunities to optimize your lighting.  Photometric studies and other methods often result in the number of fixtures being reduced, while still providing increased work space illumination and significant energy savings.


GREENLIGHT associates and engineers utilize their knowledge and experience to "fit" the optimum solution for your unique needs and goals.  As the authorized sales agent for the solutions, the price you receive for the lighting is the lowest possible from any source.  You benefit from the best technologies and products to meet your needs, as well as expert analysis and consulting, at no cost.


GREENLIGHT facilitated flexible lease-to-own programs have no upfront payment and use a portion of the hard energy savings to cover the monthly cost - resulting in no net monthly cost.  Should you choose to purchase, net ROI's are typically in the 1 - 2 year range.  Additionally reduced energy and maintenance costs provide new regular monthly net income, increasing business and building valuation.  Combined with special LED tax incentives and product rebates, they yield a corporate financial windfall. 


The installation of the solution is the most visible outcome to modernizing facility lighting.  GREENLIGHT partners with multiple installation companies expert in the solution selected for the facility.  Each organization is bonded and insured, and expert in the nuances of specialty product installations, such as freezer facilities, caustic areas, cramped or difficult access areas, etc.  You can always be assured that in addition to expert qualifications, GREENLIGHT will secure the lowest cost possible through its established national network of installation professionals.


Unlike with typical vendor purchases, GREENLIGHT accountability engineers oversee the product installation and represent YOU in the process.  As an independent member of the manufacturer and vendor teams, we work to ensure your complete satisfaction and protect your operational needs throughout the process.

GREENLIGHT found us a terrific LED solution.  There is a huge difference in LED products, their warranties, installation capabilities and capacities.  They helped us through the maze and with our lease, we never have any net cost.  I highly recommend them.  

Plant Manager

North Carolina

If you just change your lights as they go out, you're losing a lot of money.  GREENLIGHT showed me the math and they were right.

Facility Director

South Carolina

As an investor business, we just wanted to get a quick boost to our Net Income, and the lights were the perfect answer.



At first I was hesitant.  I mean it's only lighting and why do we need help selecting lights?  But GREENLIGHT was really helpful, and we actually got them for less than any other source.

Plant Manager


Our manufacturing plant had horrible lighting.  We were able to increase the general light in the plant, and increase the lighting at our benches too, and our savings covered the lease cost.

Plant Manager

South Carolina

Head of Maintenance


I didn't realize the big difference in LED vendors and products.  We have been in our warehouse for decades, and we have no plans to leave.  We went with a solution that gave a 10 year parts and labor warranty, and a UL certified life of over 30 years.

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